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SZU‘s measures in connection with Covid-19

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating the COVID-19 situation. We have taken a number of measures to help minimize the risk of infection. We do everything we can to ensure that these measures have the least impact on the operation of our business and on running orders. Our main goal in this situation is to protect the health of our employees and customers.

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CEOC International Central and Eastern European Members’ Meeting


SZU hosted a meeting of East European and Central European CEOC members on 24 April 2017. In addition to CEOC Secretary General Drewin Nieuwenhuis and CEOC treasurer Marc van Overmeir, representatives of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Bulgaria also attended this meeting.

The agenda was, in particular, focused on the current development of European legislation within the TIC sector, consumer goods safety, market surveillance, and, last but not least, accreditation and standards issues